3 Tips to jazz up the look of your home painting

3 Tips to jazz up the look of your home painting

Home painting has undergone a massive makeover, with paint finishes available in plenty of types and hues that are possible to match your taste, high level of customization has been added to the entire procedure. The choices are endless but how do you apply it within your home to get stunning results? Well, it isn’t that tough job either provided you are ready to experiment. Below mentioned are a few innovative ideas to jazz up your abode and make it look classy.
Incorporation of different painting techniques:
Applying paint using the essential brushes is the easiest way to carry on home painting. However, if you have the time and patience to see your walls look different and edgy, going the opposite way can get you wonders. Rag painting is one such technique, in this painting process rags or old cloth pieces are dipped in paint and then used to coat the walls with paint. There are paintbrushes too that will help you achieve you this look, but the effect of a hand-done job is completely different and worth the effort put in. Imagine how beautiful your ceilings would appear with such an artwork over them and the compliments that would roll in would be the bonus.

Creating an artistic center wall:

An interesting way to create astonishing effect over home walls is by having at least one inner wall painted in a very different manner. A central wall of your living room painted with mural art or a vibrant color or your family pictures painted over it instead of the usual framing; doesn’t this excite you? It can turn out to be a brilliant surprise and even a personal touch to your home.
Contrasting color usage:

When choosing paint color, try using contrasting colors within rooms. Complementary hues are the ones that are placed opposite to each other in color chart. Every paint company has its color wheel that you can refer to for getting the right combinations. The prime idea behind using such colors in the same room is the balance they create. For instance, making use of the color green to balance the boldness of the color red will work just fine. To balance an intense color, a lighter version of the other is necessary so that the walls and the room do not appear over the top. If you have decided to paint an entire room with olive green paint, you can border it with vibrant red to get the dash of boldness in a very subtle way.

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