Add some heavenly look to your home with beautiful curtains

Add some heavenly look to your home with beautiful curtains

I appreciate the history, but you have to bring your own experience into your rooms.”- Istvan Francer. It’s tough to make your home beautiful without hanging curtains. There are different types of curtains according to your choices. Before making any decision consider one of these curtains for an elegant and classy look:

Wavefold sheer curtains
Sheer curtains have once again become popular in the market for the past few years. They are unique in the way they drape with a smooth continuous wave effect delivering an elegant look. The floating fabric adds warmth to a room, cleverly changing the space. Wavefold sheers without any doubt are the most common choice in this spring season. They create a soft connection between your indoor and outdoor areas, upgrading the ambiance of a room. Wavefold sheers are also very easy to handle. Unlike earlier the heavy curtains were difficult to slide from one side to another, these light-weighted sheer curtains are easy to move without many efforts.

Whisper cellular shades
Cellular shade has become one of the first choices to cover our windows nowadays. It’s now the top blind product for energy efficiency. As spring is arriving cellular shades are becoming much more popular. We all want to keep our homes fresh during the hot seasons. So, whisper cellular shades are the perfect choice for the same. They are made of fabric that is cellular in shape giving great covering assets. This unique shape traps air and creates a calmer atmosphere in summer. Whisper cellular blinds also save up to 32 percent of energy cost for our houses!

Full-length curtains
Short or half-length curtains are out of fashion at the current time, and full-length curtains are in trend. Shorter curtains decrease the height of your windows making your rooms look smaller, unlike longer ones. That’s why Hanging curtains as long as possible gives a great height to your room, making your room more spacious. Full-length curtains ensure complete light control and also disables hot winds from entering our rooms. In addition to this full-length curtains provide complete privacy.

Blinding curtains
Blinding curtains are a very rare but beautiful type of curtains. They are made by combining two fabrics on the same window. They provide both an opaque fabric for keeping the light out and sheer fabric to let you see out. It is like having two tastes in one bowl. And When something like this comes to our knowledge, it gets popular within a short span of time in the market.

Layered curtains
Layering is a big yes this spring to get a well-designed latest curtains for your windows. The most beautiful layering combination is sheer curtains with blinds. This type of curtain combines the simplicity of blinds with the softness of sheer curtains. This layering looks magnificent and ensures privacy and light control through your windows. Layering is a little difficult to do so, always keep in mind to consider colours and textures of your walls while layering, as senseless layering can decrease the look of your homes.

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