Brilliant Ideas To Organise your Kitchen

Brilliant Ideas To Organise your Kitchen

For many families, kitchen is the place not only for cooking but entertainment as well as eating, which means that one not only needs clean kitchen for cooking, but one also want space for having company over. For those having small kitchens, making space necessary means making use of every corner and cranny. One can also remodel the kitchen, but that would be an expensive affair.

These simple kitchen hacks presented below will help one maximize the storage space, allowing one to keep the kitchen organized. When it comes to cleaning around the house, the kitchen should be one’s priority as it’s where the FOOD is and nobody wants the place where they store and eat their food to be dirty and messy.

Spices and herbs play a big role in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and these petite packages can take up a lot of storage space. One can keep the spices organized by utilizing a spice rack that’s mounted onto the inside of a cabinet door allows and make use of an unused space, leaving one with the option for utilizing the cabinets to store something else, like pots and pans.

Use the cabinet doors for some other clever way to give additional storage. One can use magnets for storing knives so that one does not have to use a knife block.

Take some magazine holders and turn them on their sides to make great shelves which can be used to organize and protect flat items.

Preserve precious counter space with an over the sink cutting board which are long cutting boards meant to fit over the sink. One saves on counter or cabinet space as well as prevent vegetable and fruit peels or juices and other food bits that one is slicing, chopping and dicing from making a disaster on the kitchen counter or floor. It saves a lot of clean up with food preparation.

Labels are a great way to organize one’s kitchen. One can put the labels on the tops of jars so that when one store them in a drawer one can take out the right container you want.

Cabinet and drawer space are always at a premium, especially in a small kitchen, one can build toe-kick drawers under the base cabinets.

Get more cabinet space by hanging pots, pans and cooking utensils from the ceiling. One can also get an attractive overhead rack.

Turn an old tablet into a dedicated kitchen tablet so that obe can get rid of paper clutter like the calendar on the fridge, the cookbooks in the cabinets and the recipes scattered all over the countertops. Digitizing the paper clutter is a great way to save some kitchen space.

If one has some unused space between refrigerator and the wall, one can make use of it with a roll-out pantry to store canned and boxed goods vertically.

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