Follow these 6 grow green tips to add freshness to your house

Follow these 6 grow green tips to add freshness to your house

Every person dreams of acquiring a beautiful home on this planet. A garden will be added then it will be really beautiful and extra freshness will come. A big tree can be planted at the outside of the home and shrubs and colorful plants will add curb appeal to any house. Nowadays it has become a style to keep green plants inside the home. Sometimes people produce green food in the home. Salad greens are easy to grow and can be produced all time of the year and can be kept in front of door window and indoor, ever so cheaply.
Here are some tips to keep home fresh by green plants and colorful plants.
Tip1:-  If you have a plan to decorate your home with plants then shrubs and colorful plants will add curb appeal to your home but when shopping at your local garden center make sure that you think green. Plant plants those are native to your region or plants that are drought-tolerant, these plants require less water and maintenance, which means it will give you more savings and more green in your wallet.
Tip2:- Air quality should be good in your home. That’s why a sufficient number of window needed to be placed at right places. Good air is very important for plants and the sunlight also very important for green plants. Green Onion plant can be planted indoor . you can use green onion which has a healthy , white roots attached to its bulb. Snip off green tops for cooking with scissors. Plant the entire onion in a small pot which contains drainage holes and filled with a loamy organic potting soil .
Tip3:  garlic also a very good small plant which can be grown inside a home. Plant it in a pot contained drainage holes and filled with soil. Keep the pot on a sunny window and water regular;y like house plant.
Tip4:- You can plant flower plant also. Like the sunflower, marigold and rose. You have to take care of those plants regularly .

Pineapple plant is another good plant to be grown in the home. Pineapple plants rarely produce flowers and fruit but their striking foliage adds a touch of exotic to any house plants collection. Use pineapple that has fresh center leaves at the crown. Plant the top of the pineapple in a pot which has a rich , loamy organic soil. Take care of the plant regularly.
Tip5:- Avocado can be used as a house plant. Plant the pit in a pot which contains 7-inch loamy organic soil toward the bottom. It does not need direct sunlight to germinate. But after germinating place the pot in sunny place. Then water regularly.
Tip6: – Cicus tree is also a very good tree for house plantation. It does not require direct sunlight to grow. And it is a beautiful tree. Give water to it twice in a week. It’s growing rate is too slow.

In those ways, you can give your home extra freshness and make the home dreamy.

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