If you can’t grow them, don’t show them!

If you can’t grow them, don’t show them!

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died” by- Erma Bombeck,

same goes with the workplaces also. A place with the dead plants leaves a negative impact on the visitors. Nowadays, most of the people make sure to add some plants in their office. A small plant on the desks makes workday of employees a little sprightlier by carrying a bit of nature indoors. Plants in the offices boost creativity level and make everyone feel more productive. Also, plants enhance indoor atmosphere essence. But caring for office plants and choosing appropriate plants accordingly is the most essential and ignored part. Different plants have different needs, so we need to pay attention to watering, light and other plant maintenance required very carefully.
I will share some of the important tips for nurturing the lives of the Office plants:

  • Too much water or not enough water provided to the plants is the most general responsibility that is ignored when it comes to taking care of the office plants. Water office plants slowly, until water runs through the drainage opening, till the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. Never water if the soil still feels wet from the previous watering. Allow the plant to drain completely and never allow the pot to stand in water. Always use lukewarm water for plants.
  • Some plants like- iron plant, can grow with very little light. While others such as cactus, require a substantial amount of bright light. For this put your plants in the office near the windows. Make sure you don’t place the plants too close to the windows, because excessive, hot sunlight will burn most of the plants.
  • Fertilize your office plants every month during spring and summer season with the water-soluble fertiliser. Always water after fertilising to prevent harm to the rootlets. When the plants grow bigger than their original size, move them to a larger container, as even plants need some adequate space to grow efficiently.
  • Always place your plants away from air conditioners, heating vents or drafty windows. Also, tell your co-worker to take care of your plants whenever you are on leave. Plants can tolerate a certain amount of negligence, but too much can kill them.

Some of the plants you can grow in your office: Azalea, Pothos, Fittonia, Umbrella Tree, Aloe Vera, ZZ Plant, Weeping Fig, Spider Plant, Ming Aralia, Warneck Dracaena, Cactus, Philodendrons, Gerber Daisy, Snake Plant, Parlor Palm, English Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily, African Violet, and Jade Plant.

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