Know more: The art of managing colors in your home and its relevance

Know more: The art of managing colors in your home and its relevance

Home is where we live most of our life. It is a place that dreams are born and goals are achieved; a place where relationships are nurtured and evolved. Such an important place needs all the positive energy and good vibes to ensure that we reach our full potential. This is where colors play an important part as a good color scheme can increase productivity and enrich all your relationships. Moreover, colors can be used as an effective tool to impact our emotions and behavior.

In order to use the concept of colors to build a healthy and beautiful home, it is imperative to first determine the function of every room and then determine a color that encourages that function.

Here are some tips into choosing the predominant color for each room

Living Room/Dining Room:

Warm and earthy colors like Browns, reds or beige work very well in the living room. They bring about a feeling of love, warmth and comfort. Also, reds and browns are stimulating colors that make one more attentive, thus initiating conversations.

Cool and relaxing tones of blues and whites are best for the bedroom as they calm you down, lower your heart rate and give you a deep and relaxing sleep. You must avoid reds as they elevate your heart rate and make you anxious.

Warm and pleasant color tones like yellow and light green are perfect for the kitchen. They are comforting and also inspire creativity. Warm reds and browns are also good, but they should be avoided if you want to watch what you are eating as they might make you want to overeat.

Whites and blues give your bathroom a clean and pure look. If one wants to use the bathroom as a sanctuary to relax and reflect, a warm green would look really good as green isn’t too agitating yet at the same time comforts you and fires up your creativity.

Workout Room:
Hues of red increase your heart rate and trigger the release of adrenaline, which energizes you and pumps you up for a good session of intense workout.


Shades of purple and blue comfort and calm the baby, though one must avoid yellow as the tend to irritate babies and cause them discomfort.

Once you select the predominant color for each room, you are good to go. Just ensure that both the warm and cool tones in your house are balanced and you can bring balance to each and every aspect of your life.

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